CAN-struction San Antonio 2016

Timelapse cameras made quite a catch in North Star Mall recently as a wild Bulbasaur mad entirely out of canned food items sprang out of its Pokeball to fight hunger in San Antonio. The collaborative project by Michael Imbimbo Inc. Architects and Barker Structural Engineers is currently on display at North Star Mall as part of the 11th annual San Antonio CANstruction event. Watch and Share Bulbasaur’s creation.

“With help from our sponsors, we have trained Bulbasaur to help combat the hunger issue here in Texas, starting with a nutritious meal,” said team captain Jeremy Bateman. “We gotta feed ’em all.”

The project will certainly help do that, as it features 2,635 canned food items, including beef stew, chicken, vegetables, legumes and fruit. The creation will be on display through September 24th, when all cans will be taken down and donated to the San Antonio Food Bank.

Bulbasaur and the other CANstruction masterpieces have been featured in San Antonio’s Construction News.




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