CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION includes the following services:

  1. Each Construction Observation consists of site visits to monitor the progress of Construction and conformance with Construction Documents, followed by a Field Report summarizing our observations, with annotated photographs where appropriate. Construction Observations site visits will include Architect Special Inspection and Substantial Completion Inspection, plus related supplemental reports to facilitate Permitting and Occupancy.
  • We can review and process your Contractor’s Applications for Payment in conjunction with Construction Observation conducted at appropriate intervals.
  1. We can Coordinate Submittals between your Contractor and the Project Team. We can Review Architectural System Submittals, and we can also provide supplemental Review of Consultant Submittals for Structural, MEP, or other systems which warrant Architect oversight.
  2. We can Manage your Project Team and serve as the primary point of contact, coordination, and direction throughout the Construction Administration phase:
  • We can coordinate Special Inspections between your General Contractor and the Project Team, serving as your Registered Design Professional in Responsible Charge (RDPiRC) of Special Inspections, preparing, and submitting the Determination of Required Special Inspections and Final Report of Required Special Inspections.
  • We can coordinate IECC Review and Compliance Documents between the Project Team and Regulatory Authorities, including preparing and submitting Energy Review and Energy Compliance letters.
  1. Following Substantial Completion, we will prepare Architect Record Documents compiling all issued Drawings, Specifications, Addenda, Changes, and Clarifications for your records. Record Documents do not necessarily reflect as-built conditions, and will not include any field-coordinated changes.