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Lee M. Imbimbo

Managing Principal

Lee Imbimbo continues his father’s vision to nurture a studio of modern artisans. From his early days as an intern at Fisher Heck Imbimbo, Lee has studied his father’s work, creating his own blend of resourceful innovation tempered by practical wisdom. He has managed tens of millions of dollars in construction projects, along with overseeing the day-to-day operations of Michael Imbimbo Inc. for nearly a decade.

For Lee, architecture is a way to shape the world, whether it’s providing a brighter future through socially integrated construction, or preserving the past through historic restoration and revitalization.

Just as he inherited his passion for community-centered architecture from his father, Lee strives to share his enthusiasm for building a better world with his fellow architects at Michael Imbimbo Inc., and with his two young sons.

Michael D. Imbimbo, AIA

Founder & Advisor

For Michael Imbimbo, the marriage of artistic design and practical purpose began in high school, when he would ask his teachers if he could turn in assignments as art projects instead of writing papers. That passion for finding a way to infuse art into everyday life led him to a major in Architecture at UC Berkeley, and then to San Antonio, where he managed projects of up to $10 million. Over his 35 years in the market, Michael managed multiple firms that included both architectural and design-build practices.

After eight years as a partner in Fisher Heck Imbimbo Inc. in the 1990s, Michael decided the time was right to lead his own studio, founding Michael Imbimbo Inc. in 1999. For the past 17 years, Michael’s passions for quality and appropriate design have allowed his team to thrive, completing more than $100 million in commercial, institutional, and residential construction projects. With each project, Michael’s priority was to create a structure that blended design and performance, with constant focus on how the building would fit in the community in which it was being created.

A respected artist within the San Antonio community, Michael’s passion for craft remains as strong today as it was when he was a child. His talents include pottery, copper work and fine serigraph prints. His work has been exhibited in galleries across Texas. When he’s not pursuing his artistic passions, Michael enjoys sharing his love of the outdoors with his children and grandchildren.



Michael Imbimbo Inc. brings our seasoned staff together with a network of expert consultants to meet varied and evolving design challenges. We maintain trusted working relationships with a wide spectrum of key professionals as an integral part of our design team, ready to meet the special circumstances of any project.

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